Истината за Instagram "красотата": Модел показа колажи с обработени и реални снимки

Истината за Instagram "красотата": Модел показа колажи с обработени и реални снимки

Жената признава, че дълги години не е могла се отпусне пред други хора, защото се е страхувала, че недостатъците на фигурата й ще се забележат

Американската журналистка и фитнес модел Дейна Мърсър привлече вниманието на интернет потребителите, като смело сравни обработени снимки с естествени такива на нейната страница в Instagram.

Диетолози определиха най-добрата диета за жени над 40 години

Тя публикува колажи. От едната страна е поставила красиви редактирани снимки от успешни ъгли, а от другата - снимки, на които се виждат целулит и стрии.

Жената признава, че дълги години не е могла се отпусне в компанията на други хора, тъй като се е страхувала, че недостатъците на фигурата й ще бъдат забелязани. Според нея по-рано, по време на фотосесии на плажа, тя използвала различни трикове, за да намали визуално размерите на тялото си.

Жена срещна "мъжа на мечтите", който я отведе в България, но нещата завършиха ужасяващо

Сега Дейна е променила своята гледна точка и насърчава всички да не се срамуват от себе си.

„Вдъхновяваш жените да се чувстват комфортно в телата си“, пишат й благодарни фенове./ jenata.blitz.bg

Харесайте jenata.blitz.bg и във Фейсбук, където ще намерите още много полезни и интересни четива за всеки!



Posed vs Relaxed / or it’s ok if you’re not ready yet to CELEBRATE your CELLULITE. It’s ok if you don’t feel the urge to strip down and WIGGLE all your JIGGLES on social media. It’s ok if you’re still finding your own path to LOVING YOUR BODY. Girl, some days I’m right there with you. Self love, self acceptance, that stuff is hard. And it’s a journey. One that has taken me over 33 years. Sometimes I feel strong and sassy and ready to take on the world. Other times I’m a bundle of fragile nerves and fears. All these things are ok. Because self love isn’t about waking up every morning feeling like a 10, Or dancing on the beach with your bits doing their thing. It’s about knowing no matter WHAT happens with your BODY or your CAREER or your RELATIONSHIPS, No matter WHAT, You are still WORTHY. You are still IMPORTANT. And you are still so very, very deserving of love. So today, I just want to remind you As woman to woman Friend to friend: Where you ARE on this JOURNEY, Whatever TODAY looks like FOR YOU, I’m so glad you’re here. I’m so glad we’re in this together. Images by @chiclebelle #selflove #selfacceptance #bodyconfidence #feminist #positivequotes

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Shade VS sun / or NONE OF THESE IS SHAMEFUL. I got an EMAIL the other day from a stranger: ‘Gross. Get surgery.’ An email. Which means they googled me, found my journalist website, and filled out a form. ALL. TO. BODY. SHAME. So let me say this again: NONE of our angles are SHAMEFUL. NONE of them are GROSS. And NONE of them need the OPINION OF OTHER PEOPLE. I don’t care if you’ve got abs Or you don’t. If you’re skinny Or full of curves. I don’t care if your peach is popping Or your tummy is bopping. I DO NOT CARE. This doesn’t CHANGE if you have CELLULITE. It doesn’t DECREASE if you’ve got STRETCHMARKS. HOWEVER you look, YOU are you. A bundle of heart and soul wrapped in a body. Captured in flesh but so much MORE. And anyone who comes into YOUR SPACE Whether it’s into your DMs or your EMAIL or your PAGE or simply your ENERGY Insisting that YOU are GROSS? Or STUPID or UNWORTHY? Girl, don’t listen to a warped word they say. Because they’re viewing life through their own tilted lens And their vision does not NEED TO IMPACT YOU. SO hold your head high. Celebrate ALL your angles. And realize that YOU, Exactly as you ARE, You’re already incredible. No body shaming required. #selflove #selfacceptance #bodyacceptance #instagramvsreality #bodyshaming #iweigh

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Instagram vs Reality / or let’s talk LAYING DOWN POSING and why it’s all a bit EXTRA. Laying down shots often require EXAGGERATED angles - like this one here. My back is extremely arched, my head is thrown back to elongate the neck and get my face in the sun, my core is super tight, I’m only slightly leaning my weight on my arms, and I’m definitely not breathing. It’s incredibly UNCOMFORTABLE. Yet it’s one of the most common BIKINI PHOTO poses we see. And this is true for a lot of POPULAR LAYING DOWN poses: when you ACTUALLY get into them, they’re the opposite of relaxing. Like, hey, one of those Calvin Klein bedroom photos where some sporty gal is laying flat and her peachy bum is saying hello to the world. Odds are, she’s NOT FLAT. She’s hiked her bum up to the air and is resting her weight on her knees and her tummy, almost like an upside down V. OR one of those popular BIKINI shots where a gal is laying on her side, abs crazy popping. She’s probably not breathing while squeezing her tummy crazy tight — otherwise simple GRAVITY would pull her belly down. All this is just to remind you that even when someone looks like they’re RELAXING, SOCIAL MEDIA is NOT REAL. It’s arched and tucked and posed and perfected. Squeezed. Sucked in. Puffed out. And while this might make for some great photos, It doesn’t really create the best memories. Because those happen when we’re being OURSELVES. With all our wiggles and dimples and jiggles and laughs. Sitting or laying COMFORTABLY rather than arching our knees to hide cellulite or squeezing our tummies to conceal soft curves. So you get out there and rock WHATEVER KIND of PHOTO speaks to you — but more than that, you rock those moments. Each and every raw, real, human one. No back arching required. Photo @chiclebelle #selflove #selfacceptance #instagramvsreality #posing #bodyacceptance

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Insta vs Reality - or let’s talk SITTING I would NEVER ACTUALLY sit like the picture on the left. Because I’m not even sitting. I’m hovering. My quads are holding my body weight. My core is tight, my back arched. And I am up OFF my HEELS, otherwise my thighs would squish and dimple all around my feet and legs. Because, hey, that’s what SKIN DOES. The way I sit is like the right: relaxed, chilled, my limbs in comfortable positions. BOTH pics are fantastic, and I’m totally here for it if you want to POSE or chill, ARCH or RELAX. Whatever speaks to you, go for it. My goal today is just to PULL BACK that CURTAIN And remind you again, and again, and as many times as I need to that SOCIAL MEDIA is NOT REAL. These quick, fleeting instances are filtered, Posed. Smoothed. Lit. Oiled. Glossed. Until perfection is all we are presented with. But us humans, we are way more WONDERFUL than that. And our bodies are just wrappings for what sits inside: Our souls. Our hearts. Our spirits. All the things that don’t perk up or slouch down when a camera flicks off or on. And all the things that matter SO MUCH MORE than a single SELFIE ever could. Hope that helps today. You’re incredible girl. Don’t ever forget it. x #instavsreality #posedvsrelaxed #socialmediavsreality #celluliteisnormal

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Insta vs ALSO INSTA - Let’s CHANGE the CONVERSATION. Let’s start showing up a little more HOW WE ARE, and a little less of WHO WE THINK we HAVE to be. It’s hard. I get that. PERFECTION is glittering and promising and the GOAL that so many of us have been taught we must pursue. Only it’s a rigged game. No one wins when chasing perfection. Because PERFECTION doesn’t exist. It doesn’t. Not in bodies. Not in lives. Not in humans. Instead, us humans, we are far more complex and nuanced. We have cellulite and dimples and jiggles and souls that fold or falter or stumble towards something better. We have emotions that don’t make sense and hearts that break. We have rawness. We have hope. So today, I challenge you to step back from the tempting lie that is PERFECTION. Let yourself be a little more YOU. Whether it’s by showing some wiggly dimply bootie bits on social media, Or by offering a moment of vulnerable honesty to a friend. Let yourself be who YOU are. Perfectly imperfect, Crushingly real, And incredibly human indeed. You got this. x #instavsreality #selflove #bodyconfidence #feminist #inspiringquotes

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It’s crazy: We know ourselves better than anyone else in the world, yet we let the words of others tear us down. Whether it’s an aunt commenting on our WEIGHT or a frenemy implying we are DUMB, those little stings, the little jabs, they stick. And we doubt. We doubt parts of us that we should know are worth more. I’m not a confident person. I never have been. And it’s hard for me to say what I am thinking, Or to stand in my truth, Or to stand. It’s hard. So I’ve found myself in relationships or friendships or situations where people tear and rip and poke and prod, and I let them. Worse than that, I BELIEVE them. And from the messages you gals send me, I don’t think I’m alone. So today, let me remind you something I am constantly, CONSTANTLY, reminding myself: We KNOW our own truth. We KNOW our own WORTH. We just forget it. But inside EACH and every one of us is a kernel. A GRAIN of power. That burns and snaps and bites. Constantly reminding us of WHO we ARE. We just have to listen. To BELIEVE it. To BELIEVE ourselves. Far more than we believe family that brings us down or toxic partners that tear or colleagues that cut. Far more than any of those things. If you can’t trust your voice yet, I will keep raising mine. Fragile as it is. Clumsy as it is. To tell you: YOU, as YOU are, EXACTLY as you are, you are incredible. You are WONDERFUL. And you are not alone. We are right here with you. Our voices with yours. x #selflove #femaleempowerment #feminist

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Insta vs reality — or LETS talk LIGHTING. Because that’s the main difference in these photos. In one, my bum is deliberately angled into the shadows. The softer light hides my cellulite and smooths most of my stretchmarks. It’s flattering. In the other, I’m just casually squatting (lol) beside the mirror. My hips and thighs are in the sunlight. Lumps and bumps are on show. There are a few posing differences (core tight, hips popped back, squeeeezzzinnnggg), but mostly this pic is about LIGHT working its magic. When I worked in magazines, we shot at sunrise or sunset. On most sets, there were people holding SUN DIFFUSERS and REFLECTORS to help create the perfect FLATTERING balance of shadow and light. The same thing happens on SOCIAL MEDIA, just in a different form. Most insta-models know EXACTLY how to POSE and work their angles. And they know LIGHTING too. Like how SIDE LIGHT, diffused from a window, is the most flattering for abs but usually pretty harsh on the face. It’s why you’ll often see a phone covering the face. Or how SHADOWS can gently eliminate certain LUMPS and BUMPS. All that is fine with me, honestly. It’s art and photography, and there is no shame in wanting to look FIERCE. But I also want to remind you about how SO MUCH on here is FILTERED. POSED. PERFECTED. And how you shouldn’t EVER COMPARE YOURSELF to a STRANGER on the internet. Because cowgirl, you’re just seeing their snapshots taken in PERFECT LIGHT. Your reality is a whole lot more varied, diverse, and human than that. It’s more perfectly imperfect. Real. Raw. And that’s a wonderful thing indeed. You got this. x #instavsreality #womenirl #womenshealth #popsugarfitness #instagramvsreality #posingtips #cellulite #strengthmarks

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Хари 30.07.2021 18:51

Стига глупости! Кой ще снима такива грозни крака и после ще ги обработва? Не е ли по-лесно и по-естетично да се снимат хубави мадами?